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June 26, 2013
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
"Come on BEN! You've beaten me several times!" you scowled and looked over towards your game addict, boyfriend, BEN. "Can we play a different game?"

It was true. BEN is your boyfriend and had been for the past year. For a whole year you had put up with the perverted, tunic wearing, video game playing, teen. You believed yourself you should have gotten some kind of medal for surviving this long without ripping his head off. But with the way Jeff and BEN went at it sometimes, you didn't think you would have to be the one to do it.

And you always knew that if BEN ever did something to hurt you - but you knew he wouldn't - Jeff would be more then happy to rip both his heads off. Not just for you but for himself too, of course!

He turned his head towards you with a pout, his black and red eyes, staring directly into yours. His blonde hair, hanging in them slightly, making them look more cute. "Come on, babe! Just a couple more rounds! Then we can play a different game." He slightly winked at you, causing you to release a sigh and give in.

Oh those eyes. You loved them and some how they always managed to make you weak in the knees, especially when he would get that 'certain' glint in them. But you would never, ever admit it to him. You wanted him. Needed him. And somewhere deep down, you thought he knew it.

They had been what interested you most when you first met him.

You had met him walking through the woods one day, looking for your dog because he had took off after something he saw. After about a few hours of searching, you had finally giving up hope until you heard his voice behind you, causing you to turn around and gasp. Not in fear about him. You hadn't even looked at who he was, you were just so happy you had your dog back, you didn't care who found him. You literally ran up and hugged your dog, then the person who was holding onto his collar and that's when you looked up. You had felt your heart stop looking into deep red irises that seemed to just pear endlessly into your soul. You didn't notice the perverted grin that came across his face until he spoke and of course, he said something stupid. You couldn't remember what it was anymore but you had found out he had been following you for awhile and had been waiting for the chance to meet you.

You two had hit it off from there. You were never a judging person so you never cared about his looks. You enjoyed his company and soon the friendship had bloomed into something more and now look where you were.

Completely and utterly aggravated.

You groaned in frustration and threw your controller down on the floor. You crossed your arms and huffed, bringing your feet up to cross them over each and glare at the wall. You ignored the scream from BEN as he dove to retrieve his controller that you had shamelessly abused out of anger.

But you did have to admit, the stupid game wasn't the only thing you were upset about. Well, how should you put this? Being with BEN is a little much when it comes to the 'sexual' department. You weren't exactly a virgin, but you and BEN never really had sex. I guess you could say it's because you both never found the right moment to and every time you did, some one would ruin it.

In short, you were sexually frustrated and felt like a mother trying to have sex with her husband with kids in the house.

You wanted to rip someones head off. Badly.

BEN looked up at you after he picked up his controller from the floor. He kept talking to you but all did was make deep concentration faces at the wall so, he sighed as he shook his head. He really couldn't understand why you were upset. You had been like this for awhile now and it irked him because every time he asked, you would just wave it off and say it's nothing.

He huffed. Nothing his ass.

He grinned as an idea formed in his head. A perfect idea.

How did he not think of this earlier? You were going to alone all day!

Oh, you would get your, different game.

He slowly walked over towards you. Once he got there, he sat down behind you on the couch. He leaned down and put his mouth next to your ear, causing you to arch your back at the feeling of his tunic rubbing against your bare shoulder. You shivered as he blew hot air into your ear. You automatically leaned back to his chest as he talked, "I know a game we can play.."

You let out a deep breath as his finger tips lightly trailed up your left arm, it gently traced little circles as it trailed up your neck until it reached your chin. He gently applied pressure up-wards on your chin, forcing your head to tilt backwards onto on his shoulder. He felt a small shiver run down his spine at the look in your half-closed eyes. He leaned down, leaving his lips only inches from yours, causing you let out a little whimper of want.

He smirked just a bit. So is this what had been bothering you? Well, you only had to ask him. He moved his hand and pressed his pointer finger against your slightly parted lips. He silently moaned as your tongue escaped your mouth and licked the length of his finger.

Oh how you hated fore-play. Now that the bastard had realized how much you wanted this he was going to tease you slowly. You reached up with your right hand and gently wove your fingers through his golden hair, knocking his hat from his head, not that he cared. You pushed his head down, forcing his lips onto yours, his chest rumbled as a growl erupted within his throat and was swallowed by your now greedy mouth.

His hand quickly gripped onto your hips, as your mouth moved together in a perfect slow, passionate kiss. His hands slowly slid up the front of your shirt and you could feel the want build up in a pool at the bottom of your stomach. His hands kept traveling up until they reached right under your covered breasts. His thumbs slipped up under the bottom of your bra and lightly traced the out-lining under your breast, causing you moan and wiggle in the arm-cage around you.

You felt his tongue slide across your bottom lip, asking for entrance, only to have it denied teasingly from you. You inwardly snickered as he made a small noise of frustration. If he was going to tease you with for-play, you'd have your revenge. You had a decent self-control. Well, you were going to tease him until his hands quickly slipped up under your bra, roughly grabbing a hold of your bare breast underneath. You gasped and felt his tongue slip into your mouth. Your tongues met hastily in a battle of dominance of who would rain victory over each other cavern first.

He continued to squeeze and massage your flesh mounds, letting the tip of his pointer finger gaze against your buds every so, causing you slightly lose the fight and moan. The battle continued and he could feel himself growing at the thoughts that kept running along his mind. An idea came to his head to make him win this battle and end it. He placed each of your buds in between his fore-finger and thumb, pulling them up on them, he heard you squeal and lose concentration. He grinned and forced his tongue into your mouth - not that you had any complaints - and explored every inch, claiming it as his.

You could feel your self growing impatient with his games, your thighs clenching together, trying to provide your center with friction. As much as you were enjoying this fore-play, you wanted it to end, you were on a wire and it was soon to snap. You tugged on his hair, causing him to moan and you wondered just how he was controlling himself. Maybe he had better self-control then you thought? You felt him give your buds a small flick before his hands left your bra and slid his nails down your front, till they reached the bottom of your shirt. He grabbed a hold of it, pulling it up and breaking the kiss only to pull it off. He tossed it away, neither of your caring where it landed.

Doubt it. Your face suddenly flushed, remember the fact you were right in the living room. They could be back any time. It was so naughty. But for some reason, that only added the pleasure swirl you felt in your core.

He could feel the heat suddenly radiate from your cheeks, he figured it was probably because of your location and you were doing such 'sinfully dirty' yet good things. His hands grasped your hips and you started to turn to face him, He smirked as you wasted no time in straddling his lap and wrapping your arms around his neck. 

You groaned as his covered member ground up against yours, causing you to clutch his hair tighter. You titled your head to the side, giving him more room as his lips left butterfly kisses while trailing down your neck. His hands roamed down further, slowly slipping into the back of your shorts to grasp your undie covered bum. You pressed your bra clothed chest against his completely covered one. Your hands left his hair and started to grasp his chest through his shirt, pushing lightly on it as if you were giving him a massage. You grinned as he ground against you again, groan against your neck, then sucking lightly on it. You couldn't resist the small moan of his name that left your lips as he sucked and nibble on your weak spot. "BEN.."

That seemed to snap something in him.

He suddenly shoved you down onto the couch and quickly removed his shirt, throwing it aimlessly aside from him. He let himself fall down towards you, catching himself right above you with his forearms, causing you to gasp. He used that to his advantage, shoving his tongue back into your mouth and roughly play with yours, like a lion playing playing with it mate that's backed in a corner. He put all his weight onto his left arm, using his right one to trail his nails up and down your side.

Your hands wrapped around his neck and slightly clinging onto his shoulder blades with your nails. Your legs came up and wrapped around his waist, grounding your self against him again, causing him to growl. His hand flew to your thigh, his grip tight on it, holding your lower region tight against his as you both continues to fight with your tongues, ignoring the fact it was becoming a bit, sloppy. Your nails dug slightly more into his shoulder blades. You couldn't help the fact you wanted those pants gone and you wanted them gone now.

And as if he heard your silent request, he let go of your thigh and started to rip the button and zipper off your pants. You slightly clenched, feeling the pool in your stomach start to over-flow from excitement. And those damn, damp undies were getting a little uncomfortable. He removed himself from your mouth - much to your disappointment - and quickly kissed down your body, stopping at your chest to press a soft kiss to the tops of your breast quickly. He dipped his tongue into your belly button, making you squirm and grind against what ever part of him it touched.

He stared up at up at your flustered face, taking in your heaving, still covered chest. He inwardly took pride at how much he was affecting you and that it was him making you feel this way. He squeezed your thighs with a bit of a perverted grin, before curling his fingers under the tops of your pants, or what you thought was just your pants, because when he pulled down, you were sure as hell those undies went with him. That sly little bastard.

You gasped and clenched your legs together at the feel of the cold air brushing against your heated core. He let out a thoughtful hum before licking up the front of you leg and suckled a bit when he reached your knee. You scowled, the blush still clear on your face as he pried your legs apart widely and grinned with a mischievous glint in his eye, staring at you the whole time.

You let out a yelp mixed with a moan as his mouth swiftly attached to your sensitive nub. Your right hand clutched onto the couch cushion as your left flew to grasp his hair. His tongue slowly licked down across the nub, you started to squirm as his tongue teasingly traced the outer edges of your core. The knot in your lower stomach quickly increased and he hadn't even started yet. His left arm laid laid its self across your abdomen, holding you still has his tongue slowly slid into your core, causing you moan out loudly.

You tried your best to squirm around. To buck against his tongue, as it swirled around inside of you, as it slowly thrust in and out of you. He groaned, feeling himself grow harder, the comfort slipping away as his pants started to get to tight for him. But he couldn't stop now, not when you tasted so good. He pulled his tongue out hesitantly, not quiet yet wanting to stop tasting your honey, but he was just growing so uncomfortable down there. He blew hard onto your opening, causing you to let out a couple of whines, not yet noticing his hand crawling up until you felt the first one jab into you. Your back arched as it was thrusted in and out, before being joined by a second one.

He grinned as he watched your eyes close and your face twist into one of pleasure. He thrust his fingers a bit faster, biting his lip in satisfaction at the moans escaping between your beautiful, bruised lips. He wasn't sure just how much longer he would last. He wanted to taste you as you spilled, but he wasn't ready for you to release without him snugged up inside you first. Perhaps, that would come later. No, it will come later.

You were in bliss, feeling his fingers work magic on you and it just felt better every time you clenched down around them, you were so close and you were sure he could tell by the way you were literally almost screaming out to him. And that's why you were so disappointed when he pulled back, you came back down from your high as he came back fully into your view. You swallowed hard and bit your lower lip hard, watching him lick his two fingers, before sticking them in his mouth and sucking your nectar from them.

You felt your core twitch as he started to make work on removing his pants and as much as you didn't want to move at this moment, you reached up and unclasped your bra then proceeded to pull it off, tossing it across the room. He grinned down at you - more like your not bare chest - as he started to remove his boxers. Once he finally got them off, your eyes widened as you stared down at his fully erect member.

He crawled back up your body and you could feel himself pressing and throbbing against your thigh. You were shaking with anticipation and he could feel it. He leaned down, putting his lips to your ear. He licked your ear-lobe before breathing into it and in the huskiest voice you ever heard he said, "How about we see how good those vocal cords of yours work, eh?"

You felt his hands grab your hip with his left hand - his right one holding him up - as he positioned himself without even looking and you silently wondered just how many times he had done this before he met you. You wrapped your arms and legs around him like the first time, only this time you felt him slowly slip into your dripping core. You both let out loud, dragged along moans as he sheathed himself completely inside you. You threw your head back as you arched your back. You felt like your were in heaven as he slowly started to move in side of you.

He clenched his teeth as he slowly moved. He tried so hard to control himself because so bad he wanted to just pound into you until he had his fill, but he didn't want to hurt you. This was your first time with him and it wanted you to enjoy it. But deep down, he wanted you scream out his name, letting the sky and who ever heard now that you were his and only his. He continued to move at a slow pace until your grasp on his back tightened and you told him to move faster. He did not hesitate to comply.

You let out loud moans as his pace started to pick up and you loved it. Your legs tightened around him, forcing him to go in deeper, earning a delicious growl from his lips as he started to attack your neck. You did an experimental tighten around his member, causing him to gasp and buck into you roughly. You let out a pleasure filled scream as he did that, urging him to go faster and he did. His grip tightened on your hip as he thrust become rougher and faster.

Despite it fact it only crossed your minds twice, you both were so glad everyone would be out all day. You could probably be heard from out side the house anyway with the way you were moaning and screaming every so often.

The air was thick and the sounds of skin slapping, moans and the occasional scream were the only things heard through out the living room. What started out as an innocent thing as changing games, turned into a deliciously sinful act.

You let out an extremely loud scream, dragging your nails down his back, leaving scratches in their paths wake as his pounding came at an inhuman speed. He let out a loud moan feeling your nails run down his back. Neither of you bothered to push away your sweat drenched hair, because the thought never crossed your minds.

You could feel his pace pick up and you knew he was coming to his end.

He could feel you tightening around him and he knew you were almost to your end.

He leaned into your ear and growled, "Scream my name.."

You hardly processed his request. The only thing you could focus on right now was the pleasure you were receiving and the fact your end was near. But he wouldn't have it, he wanted to hear you scream. "I said scream it!" He bit down onto your shoulder, causing you to give in to his request.

At the top of your lungs to screamed out his name, listening to it as it echoed around the house and he gave one last thrust, causing you just scream out and dig your nail into his back, drawing a bit of blood. Your release came, tightening around him, your body shook with pleasure.

Feeling your warmth come around him, caused him to only scream out your name as he gave one last deep thrust and release into you. He continued to thrust for a few moments, slowing down as you both rode out your release and finally he fell down onto you, weakly catching himself with his arms.

You both laid there, chests heaving as you clutched onto each other. You didn't mind him laying on top of you, it was actually quiet comfortable. After about a few minutes you both finally caught your breath, his lips went up to you hear and he chuckled, tickling it slightly, "So, how do you like the new game I picked out for you?"

~Extended Ending.~

The SUV pulled into the driveway, showing that the rest of them had returned home from the store. Slenderman quickly stepped out, feeling no guilt as he left everyone else to grab the bags and he ignored the groans as he walked up to unlock the door.

He reached the door and reached out, key in hand to insert it into the hole, only to stop as he heard a noise. His head tilted to the side, waiting to see if he would hear another and when he didn't, he shrugged and inserted the key in.

He jumped at the sound of a pleasure filled scream. He quickly grabbed his key back and turned around, fast walking towards the car. He pointed at everyone and yelled in a flustered, hasty voice, "Everyone, get back in ze car, now!"
WHAT HAVE I DONE? BEN will probably try to come kill me now for doing such a shitty job with this.

This was a request from, :iconhotpieceofcandy:, she wanted a BEN x Reader Lemon. While I popped her request cherry, she popped my Lemon cherry.

Ehehe... That sounded so dirty..

Well, hon, I hope this is good enough for you and/or what you had in mind. I tried my best, I did, really. This is my first Lemon I actually took time on.

I think I did pretty well, actually. But that's just me.

Well, I don't own BEN. Yet. Eheh.
I don't own you. Except a few of you. Mhm. You know who you are, lovelies.
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Creepygal100 Apr 8, 2014  New member Student Writer
Me:*reads* ummm tissue box please. *notices ben* OH CRAP HELP!!!!!! 
Ben: So this is why your locked in your room all day *perveted grin* 
sweetcake1969 Apr 1, 2014  New member
That ending XD
fuzzycupcakes88 Mar 30, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
:me:*reading story*
BEN:*comes up behind me* Whattcha doin
Me:don't touch ma cupcakes?!!!*runs out of room *
BEN: *reads lemon*
Me:*realizes I'm phoneless*my doughnut!
BEN:*pervy grin*
Me:*covers chest* Ma cupcakes!!!!
JanitorJax Mar 29, 2014  New member
You can own me c;
"Everyone, get back in ze car, now!"

mirror me: but why slendy. I wanna see what happens * tries to peak through a window*
Uhh it's really really good *-*
and btw i LOVE the extended ending xD
lucky (or maybe poor?) Slendy x'D
I love that ending! hehe
StupidLegos Mar 21, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you! XD
Your welcome! xD
Vocaloid-craft Mar 16, 2014  Student Writer
Me: 0_0 oh my freakin god
BEN: Heeeeeey
Me: 0///0 Oh my god BEN get the freak out of here!!!
BEN: -_- well then! *quickly holds my arms down and read the story on my computer*
Me: NOOOO! Fudge
BEN: Oh you better be scared

-23 minutes later-
Jeff: Wtf was that?
Hoody and Masky: 0_0 ... Oh noes
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